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All rights reserved. Click Add to Chrome In the popup, click Add extension. Use the extension To test your site for a particular browser, version, or device: At the top right of your Chrome Browser,, click.

User-Agent Switcher for Chrome

Select the user agent you want to access a webpage as. Some sites might have other means to figure out that the browser is not what it pretends to be.

Platforms you can test Using this tool, you can spoof the following browsers or mobile devices: Chrome Internet Explorer iOS Android Windows Phone Firefox Opera Safari Your custom defined user agent string Troubleshoot If you can't switch between user agents, switch the user-agent back to Chrome, and clear your cookies. You can set or reset custom "User-Agent" string from the toolbar popup 2.

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The extension uses two techniques to mimic your default "User-Agent" string which is the most reliable ways. Let me know if you found a way that the actual "User-Agent" string can be leaked.

This extension does not use any resource when it is disabled from the toolbar popup. As of version 0. Read FAQs page for more info.

Change user agent in chrome.