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For each position reached, a certain number of games from 0 to 20, configurable will be listed, taken from the database used to create the Opening Book.

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For each move in the Opening Book, the percentage of games won, lost and drawn is shown. This way you are sure to play every game against the engine with the opening that interests you. Now it is also possible to analyze a position with 7 pieces. There are two servers available for analysis of a position.

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The first is the previous one that can analyze up to a maximum of 6 pieces. The second one allows to analyze up to a maximum of 7 pieces.

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This feature will be gradually extended to the entire application. Since this is a topic not known to everyone, a demonstration tutorial has also been written.

Mac OS X Chess Ressources

IPad owners can use it in Split View mode. For any problem, clarifications, suggestions, improvements etc do not hesitate to contact me at chess. Now you can set the replay speed in the Settings section. This feature is configurable in the Settings section.

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  3. HIARCS Chess Explorer (MAC Version).
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  7. Mahjong 2 Price : Free. Fork Stockfish for Mac on GitHub. Updated Design We've given the app a visual refresh: there's a new color scheme, dramatically improved animations, and a new toolbar.

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    MultiPV Sometimes you want to know the 2nd or 3rd best move in addition to the best move. Enable more lines of analysis in the Engine menu.

    Endgame Tablebases You can select a folder of Syzygy endgame tablebases for Stockfish to use during analysis. Tablebases downloaded separately.

    More Options You can adjust the engine's skill level and contempt, or have Stockfish automatically tweak the settings for strongest play. Stockfish is licensed under the GPL license. Stockfish icon by Klein Maetschke. Stockfish for Mac Stockfish is a powerful chess analysis app.