Change default download folder mac os x

How to Set a New Default Download Folder on Mac OS

Cheers David Apache OpenOffice 4. Thanks for your reply, Rory.

How To Change The Default File Download Location in Apple Safari

Larry I. AOO does not remember the last location it saved files to. It always uses its default setting.

How to Change the File Download Location in Safari on Mac

Got it. I've now realised that I can change this destination using the 'edit' and 'default' buttons.

I am running Sierra When I enter this in Terminal, it does nothing — no error, no result, just goes to the next line to allow another command. The Downloads folder on the Dock now has a question mark over it. Downloads is no longer available in Finder. Thanks for the tutorial. I followed it a few weeks ago, but would now like to revert back to the original location. Any idea about how I would do that?

Mac OS – Change Downloads Folder

Click the little arrow on the right hand side. From there you can select your destination from the sidebar or navigate through the column view to your preferred folder destination. Aug 20, 7: Plenty of the time, the OS defaults to the Downloads folder, which I presume is because it's the last destination I used. But every now and then, for reasons I don't fully understand, it will prompt me to save in Documents. Since I never want to save there, I want the OS to stop ever automatically suggesting that destination. Aug 20, 9: There is no global setting to make all apps you use save to a preferred folder or location.

Each app when saving for the first time will save to a location that it thinks is appropriate according to its extension, for example Text Edit will save to Documents, iMovie will save to Movies.

As you know you can change the location of where the item will be saved and that will be remembered by the app the next time. So my guess is that you would need to open all your apps and change the save location to the folder you want.

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Aug 22, 3: Default save location: