Logitech wireless gaming headset g930 for mac

The THD performance in the bass and mid ranges is slightly elevated but within decent limits. There is not a big jump in THD under heavier loads either.

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However, the peaks in THD in the treble range are rather high and could make the sound of those frequencies a bit harsh and impure sounding. They also leak at higher volumes, so in quieter conditions, the leakage level may be a bit bothersome to the people around you. The isolation performance is sub-par. These over-ear headphones don't have active noise cancellation ANC and therefore, don't isolate in the bass range.

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Therefore, they let in all the low-frequency rumbles, like the sound of the airplane and bus engines. In the mid-range, important for blocking out speech, they provide about 8dB of isolation, which is about average.

Logitech G433 Gaming Headset Software, Manual, Download

In the treble range, occupied by sharp sounds like S and Ts, the achieve 26dB of isolation which is above average. The G have a below-average leakage performance. The significant portion of these headphones' leakage is concentrated in the mid-range between Hz and 2KHz, which is not very broad but they leak in the treble range too.

The overall level of their leakage is not very loud either. The Logitech G have an above-average microphone. In quiet environments, speech recorded or transmitted with this mic will sound relatively thin, and slightly lacking in air and brilliance. However, it'll be clear, detailed, and quite easily understandable. In noisy situations, it is able to fully separate speech from background noise for most use cases.

The G's microphone has a decent recording quality. The HFE high-frequency extension of 7. The boom microphone of the G is good at noise handling. It achieved a speech-to-noise ratio of 26dB SPL in our SpNR test indicating it is able to fully separate speech from ambient noise in most situations.

That's not you, right?

However, they may struggle a bit in very loud environments like a subway station. Unfortunately, they take quite a bit of time to charge at 3. The Logitech G headphones have a decent battery life that delivers up to 10 hours of continuous playtime. They take quite a bit of time to charge when compared to more recent Bluetooth headphones but compared to some of the other gaming headsets, they have a decent performance.

They also automatically turn off if there's no audio playing to save power and can be used while charging which is great for gaming marathons if you're close to a power source. The Logitech Gaming Software is highly customizable when paired with the G headset.

You get access to a great equalizer and surround sound effects you can personalize, microphone and volume levels you can set directly from within the software as well as swappable profiles with saved personal settings. Also, headset has 3 additional buttons that you can map to trigger specific commands, which is great and not available for most gaming headphones. Volume and Mic Level. The Logitech G do not have as many connection options as the G They also have a great wireless range that's convenient for gaming on the couch and their dongle works with the PS4 and PC but not the Xbox One.

These headphones do not have Bluetooth connectivity. If you want a gaming headset that also supports Bluetooth, check out the Turtle Beach Stealth or the Elite However, it does not have an AUX input like the G The Logitech G have a great wireless range. They do not reach as far as some of the best performing Bluetooth headphones in direct line of sight but when the signal was obstructed they reached up to 50ft without any major connection drops.

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This makes them a suitable gaming headset with enough range so that you can use them to listen to music while walking around in your home. The G have 21ms of latency which excellent for gaming and watching video content. They perform even better than some home theater headphones which makes them a good choice for watching movies too.

On the upside, they have programmable buttons that let you quickly switch between settings and modes which sets them apart from the competition. The Logitech G are a better gaming headset than the Logitech G The G have a better-balanced default sound, more customization options, and a longer battery life than the G The G also have a better, more stylish-looking build quality with better, more responsive controls.

On the other hand, the G have a slightly more understated design that some may prefer over the G The G, on the other hand, have a slightly more premium-looking build quality. They also have a longer battery life and a greater wireless range than the G, with a more balanced default sound quality out of the box. The G are slightly more customizable thanks to the Logitech Gaming Software and programmable buttons on the ear cups. They also have a better default sound quality and more connection options, so they're a bit more suitable for home theater.

They have a casual design you can use outdoors with the provided audio cable, unlike the G The HyperX Cloud II are a better gaming headset if you prefer a wired design that you can use with your console controllers. However, if you want a wireless option for gaming, then the Logitech G are a better choice. The G have a lot more range thanks to their wireless connection. They also have a lot more customization options, thanks to their software support and programmable buttons.

They're also wired with a detachable mic so they more easily pass for casual over-ears that you can use outdoors.


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