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Couture Free Edition is a superb freeware transient shaper developed by Auburn Sounds.

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It is based on the full version of Couture 49 EUR which adds a saturation module to the core feature set. The transient shaper section of Couture features adjustable transient speed and optional clipping of the output signal. The plugin features three transient detection modes Flat, Human, and Sybil and a bass amount knob. Also included are real-time waveform displays for both the input and output signals.

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  • Review - MTransient from Meldaproduction.

Transient by Sleepy-Time Records is a freeware transient shaping tool with a somewhat advanced control scheme. It features all of the control parameters required for highly detailed tweaking of the transients.

How to Get Punchier Drums & Percussive Sounds – Smack Attack Transient Shaper

In addition to the standard attack and sustain volume settings, the plugin also allows for envelope timing adjustments, transient monitoring, and offers an adjustable transient detection range. A pair of filters high-pass and low-pass is also included for setting the frequency range of the processed signal. On the negative side, Transient will only work on Windows, so MacOS users are out of luck in this case. Both bit and bit digital audio workstations on Windows are supported, though.

In this section, we will mention a couple of freeware transient shapers which are a bit too old to be listed in the main part of the list. They do, however, still sound very good and are a great fit for users with older computers especially bit Windows machines.

If you want to take your transient shaping game to the next level, check out these commercial transient shaper plugins.

Review – MTransient from Meldaproduction

Tomislav is a journalist, music producer and web designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the owner and editor-in-chief here at Bedroom Producers Blog. As you can set the attack and sustain length, not only the level, you can be more in control than most others: Very impressed, I never use a transient designer, I do that with compressors, but now I know how do it better with my synth lines!!

Sounds great, looks great, easy on the CPU, free, easy to use. Dominion is an oldie but a goodie and also deserves to be on this list right behind Transpire. Not a fan of bittersweet or Transient by comparison. Thanks for your comment. I will update the article first thing tomorrow. Not sure if it is feature reduced. Featured December 19, 0. You are at: Cons — Not optimized for high-resolution screens.

Cons — The saturation module only available in paid version. From sharpening up snares and kicks to lengthening or shortening reverb times, Transient Shaper 2 is capable of both salvaging unusable sounds and creating new ones. What's more, because its behaviour isn't level dependent, you don't have to waste time messing around with threshold levels to get great results. Transient Shaper 2's interface is simplicity itself, and is dominated by attractive VU-style input and output meters.

Sound shaping is done using the Attack and Release controls, but in addition, there are knobs with which to set Drive an LED indicates activation and output gain, both of which are post-envelope shaping. The Drive control is one of the features that's new to version 2 - the adjustable attack and release shapes - named Sharp, Mid and Soft - are also new.

Also, if you find the VU meters a bit much, you can now minimise the interface by clicking the top-left corner.

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Firstly, the transients are internally limited so that they don't get completely out of control, and secondly, the release phase is program-dependent, which results in smoother behaviour with fast settings. Finally, as mentioned above, Transient Shaper 2 has three switchable attack and release shapes, giving you greater control. The Gain knob helps to keep things in check, as increasing the Attack, Release or Drive will naturally raise the perceived volume level. The range of control is impressive, but it's interesting how modifying sound in this way can also have a dramatic effect on the frequency content.

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  5. With a slow release, the sound is akin to that of heavy compression, while with short release times, you head into gating territory. The new attack shapes in v2 produce unexpected results - on snares, the fast option is so sharp that the effect is less audible. Conversely, the slower attack produces a fatter, more noticeable effect. The release shapes are a little more predictable, with the fast option producing a pumping, compressor-like effect with room mics on a drum kit.