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Fortunately, most of these problems have solutions that are as simple as pressing the un-mute button or adjusting your sound settings. Here are a few quick fixes that can help you get your audio working again. It may seem pedantic, but you can potentially save yourself from hours of audio troubleshooting by identifying this early.

Check Your Volume and Hardware

If the device you want to play audio is already selected, choosing a different audio device and then re-selecting the one you want may remedy the problem. Sometimes the solution to an audio problem is as easy as turning off your computer and turning it on again. Unlike a restart, shutting down your computer ends all processes and clears your RAM, which should also resolve most lingering audio issues.

This information includes audio and display settings, time zone preferences, your current startup disk, and details about any recent fatal system errors. Audio issues on the Mac usually have quick, easy fixes and are rarely linked to serious hardware problems. However, if you have to reboot your Mac several times or repeatedly reset the Core Audio API to get your sound working, you should probably take your computer in for a check-up.

Unplugging and replugging the eighth-inch jack from the back of the computer fixed my problem.

[SOLVED] YouTube no Sound (Windows/Mac/Android/iPhone): Here's How to Fix It

If there is, you should adjust the volume slider on YouTube to make the sound audible. The caches and cookies of browser would affect the running of YouTube also. Therefore, deleting caches and cookies on browser is a feasible way to solve the no sound problem. Here the methods to remove the caches cookies on different browsers are different so you need to Google the right way to clear them.

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Or you can try a quick access to perform the clearing process: Then you can check the unwanted data in the pop-up window and then tap on Clear Browsing Data to remove them. Adobe Flash Player is an essential condition of playing videos on website so you need to ensure this plug-in is installed properly on your computer and is up to date. So, you need to update and install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player on your computer properly to ensure the smooth running of YouTube.

Another method is to check whether you have installed some incompatible extensions on browser. To inspect that, you can enter the incognito mode to see if any error message appears. If not, that means you might have an issue with extension on browser. Then you need remove the faulted extensions from your browser to fix the error.

Fix sound problems on YouTube on your Mac

You just need to right click on your browser and then choose Remove from to uninstall the incompatible extensions. To better enjoy the video, you can also attempt to download the YouTube videos from browser to your computer and then play them with a video player. And in this case, if the Sound Card and sound settings on your computer have no any problem, you will be able to hear the sound of the videos and watch them without being interrupted. Here is another possibility of the YouTube videos no sound issue- the browser you use is incompatible with YouTube.

This is easy to be solved- you can play the YouTube videos on other browsers to have a try. So here, in order to help you fix no sound on YouTube videos issue, this article is written to tell you how to: Part 1. Feedback Help us make our website better for you Please select your question type and we'll guide you to the right service team.

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MAC to TV no sound fix [MINI DISPLAY PORT to HDMI]

Wide Rhino Wide Rhino. Sound was fine, unless like Youtube it required Flash player.

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No Sound on YouTube

Idakathleen Idakathleen. Your solution worked for me. I have OS Olivia60 Olivia But now all is hunkydory. Wide Rhino is a true genius.

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