Usb flash drive not mounting mac

Common reasons of USB flash drive not mounting issue on Mac

Or is there a way to access it? Posted on Oct 3, 7: Nov 19, 5: When I plugged in my external hard drive it showed up in my drive in Disk Utility but it was grayed out. I could not mount my hard drives and it would not let me repair, erase, nor partition them, an old and a new one. I decided to click on the view button at the top right corner of my disk utility app and I had "Show Only Volumes" selected.

So I clicked on "Show All Devices" and this showed me each device the volumes were on.

I could now select my external hard drive and I was able to easily repair, erase, and partition my hard drives when I clicked on the device instead of just the volume. Oct 4, 4: Page content loaded. Oct 3, 7: Oct 3, 8: Oct 3, Oct 5, 5: Oct 5, Oct 6, 2: That said, the most common reason for disks not mounting is that they are damaged. You can try repairing the disks using Disk Utility or DiskWarrior.

[Solved] USB flash drive not mounting on macOS Mojave/High Sierra

Oct 6, 4: Well, my drive now appears to be working. Unfortunately, I don't know why. Disk Drill Pro recovery app is available from Setapp , along with dozens of Mac apps that will make your life easier. Never have to worry about a crashed or corrupted external drive again.

Then use a different port to connect the external hard drive. For Macs with removable batteries, you need to switch them off, remove the battery, then press and hold the power button for 5 seconds. After that, put the battery back in, plug in the power adapter and switch the power on again.

It is possible to format a hard drive so it can be read on Mac and Windows computers, providing you format using exFAT. Console shows if an external drive or any error is detected under the Errors and Faults tab. If no errors show up, then the problem is not caused by the device.

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To sum up, there are lots of potential solutions for a Mac not reading an external hard drive. If we were to pick one, Disk Drill seems to be the most well-rounded, offering plenty of customizations and power in an easy-to-use interface. Free download.

External Hard Drive not showing up in Mac Disk Utility

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Okay More info. Highlight "Applications" from the left side of the window, open the "Utilities" folder and double-click on the "Terminal" icon. Type "diskutil list" into the blank command prompt window and press "Return" to view a list of all devices connected to your Mac. Each device will have a name, drive and number listed next to it. Press the "Return" key. Replace "disk0" with the drive name, replace "s1" with the device number and replace "MyDisk" with the device name.

Press "Return. Check to see if the drive is now mounted in the Finder.