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First, the Mac user and Windows user must always be on the same year-version of QuickBooks.

This means that the Mac user cannot continue to work in their file, if the Windows user will be returning the file with changes. Third, because some features found in certain versions of QuickBooks for Windows do not exist in QuickBooks for Mac, not all data may be displayed between versions. If your client has prepared their file properly, you should receive a QB-windows back-up of their data; the file extension should be.

QBB and really it should not seem any different during the restore process than any other QuickBooks back-up file. After you have completed your work with the file, you can return a copy of the file to your client; however, this file will not update their file if they have been entering data while you had their file. The same comparative reports should be used to insure data integrity between the two QuickBooks formats.

In most cases the process is simple and without incident; however, this process is intended as an occasional exchange, it is not designed for daily use, such as someone taking work from one format at work to the other format at home on a nightly basis. Skip to main content.

QuickBooks Backup Instructions

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Getting your file to your accountant is much the same as it was for you previously. Then the accountant sends the file back to you and you open it on your Mac.

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One critical thing to noteā€¦to round-trip your file, you and your accountant must be on the same version of QuickBooks. Addy is here to help demystify QuickBooks for Mac.

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