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How do I create an ad-hoc network on the Mac?

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Graham Miln Have you been to an Apple Store because of the problem? Does the hardware show up in System Profiler?

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Linc Davis 's answer suggests the following possible cause and a multi-step solution: Sometimes the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar may falsely indicate that Wi-Fi is unavailable. Graham Miln Graham Miln HI Graham, Thanks but none of that worked. I have now downloaded El capitan to another hard drive and installed that, still doesn't see the wifi card.

Does anyone know if there's anything I can do in Terminal?

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Please can you edit your question to answer the comments above; those about the hardware showing up in System Profiler and changing the AirPort card. Hopefully that will help prompt more suggestions for you to try. Featured on Meta. Feedback post: Moderator review and reinstatement processes.

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How to Disable the Wireless on a MacBook

The Displays menu bar icon, which looks like a monitor, lets you choose from the recommended resolutions and color depth settings for your graphics card and monitor. To quickly change the audio volume level within Mac OS X, click the Sound Volume icon it looks like a speaker with emanating sound waves once to display its slider control; then click and drag the slider to adjust the level up or down. After you select a level by releasing the mouse button, your Mac thoughtfully plays the default system sound to help you gauge the new volume level. Modem status: You can turn on the display of the Modem status icon from the corresponding modem panel on the Network pane in System Preferences.

Time Machine icon missing from menu bar desktop Mac, how to activate/deactivate icon Yosemite OS X

To do so, click the Network icon and then choose your AirPort connection in the column at the left. You can also switch between multiple AirPort networks from the menu. Bluetooth: For those Macs with Bluetooth hardware, you can toggle Bluetooth networking on or off. You can also make your Mac discoverable or hidden to other Bluetooth devices, send a file to a Bluetooth device, or browse for new Bluetooth devices in your vicinity.