Mac osx better than windows

Microsoft is much easier to leave.

Windows 10 vs. MacOS vs. Chrome OS | Digital Trends

Except the clocks are in a different place. And Windows looks better.

Here’s why MAC is better than WINDOWS (mac vs pc 2018)

This section does not go well for Windows users. In the early days, Node. Others, though…. For a long time, npm appeared to treat Windows a second class citizen. I recall when the awesome npx was released. I installed it and it worked great, on my Mac. And it also had the little problem of not being able to require files from a directory starting with u.

Facebook and npm and other package authors put enormous effort into making software that they give away for free. They have no obligation to make it work on any particular operating system.

There are doubtless hundreds of examples in favour of one OS or the other, so the easier to use operating system would depend on what it is that the user is actually doing. After almost four years of side-by-side use, any personal preference between the two operating systems has long faded away. I am yet to find a website that is impossible to create on either macOS or Windows. And I am just as productive on either one. OK so if I had to choose one operating system over the other, it would be an easy decision: macOS. However, if I was a full time employee with a company-supplied computer, and was buying something for my home, the decision would be equally easy: Windows.

If I wanted something portable it would be a more difficult decision: MacBook or some high-end Windows lappy. Now I feel like a lemon apple pie. I used to have a touch screen and I liked that, or maybe one of those laptops where the screen flips right over would be cool. None of those other laptops look as good as a Mac though. Even with three dongles hanging out the side and one of them on fire, a Mac is still prettier than all the rest.

1. Macs are easier to buy.

You are being welcomed into the world and introduced to all sorts of new technology. Among them, a laptop with macOS and another with Windows. And for some reason you single click on the bottom ones to open them but double click the others for the same effect.

And they both access this hip new thing called the internet. Now imagine you meet the developers who own each of these machines. In this shootout, Windows earns its name and does it better. Doing the same on macOS involves dragging windows by their corners, from click zones about 4px square. Anyone making the leap from Windows to macOS will be amazed at how bad the experience is.

There’s never been a better time to switch from a Mac to Windows

But it takes all of 30 seconds to download the free and excellent tool called Spectacle and wipe out the difference, making it not at all a useful selection criteria. Both of these operating systems have moderately annoying system update quirks. A smart person would learn pretty quickly not to do this, but not all of us can be smart. The morning that Mojave came out, the office kitchen was filled with idiots who hit the update button and then had nothing to do for 40 minutes.

Luckily I was first in line for the coffee machine. Despite this, I would suggest that macOS does it right. Meanwhile, Windows can be downright infuriating. I mean, God dammit Microsoft, why is it and you still restart my computer without my permission? I should be the only person allowed to restart my computer because only I know how important my currently open stuff is. I do want your automatic updates, Microsoft, but please keep your grubby paws off my restart button.

This is excellent. Even trying to find a free 3rd party app to capture video on Windows will make your hair go grey, so a clear win for macOS. Cut to Ian as he uses a sip and puff controller to ride along a forest trail.

Tim rides up next to him. The two men smile. Cut to Tim and Ian as the reach the shore of a lake ringed by green hills. They look out at the water. Easily navigate your Mac using just your voice. Improved dictation and richer text editing features make writing more efficient, while comprehensive commands let you open and interact with virtually any app. If you have two screens, you can keep one screen zoomed in close while the other remains at a standard resolution. Hover Text makes it easier to view text on your Mac display.

Just hover over any text with your cursor and press Command. You can even choose the fonts and colors. Featuring all-new, dedicated apps for music, TV, and podcasts.

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Smart new features in the apps you use every day. And Sidecar, which lets you use iPad as a second Mac display. If you can imagine it, you can create it. Upgrade now. Music, TV, and podcasts take center stage.

Test 1: Browser performance

Apple TV. Listen up. Even more amazing Mac apps. Even more amazing Mac apps Developers are continuing to build for Catalyst as many more of your favorite iPad apps will be coming to Mac. The apps you use every day, made extraordinary. Apple Arcade. Try it free 4. Extend your desktop. Express your creativity. Powerful apps.

Macs Aren't More Secure

See more apps for Sidecar Adobe Illustrator. Affinity Photo. Cinema 4D. Screen Time. Now on Mac.

macOS vs Windows: a web developer’s perspective

Increased security. Greater privacy. More secure hardware.