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There are however some downsides. The most annoying one is that the Launchpad sometimes refuses to install or interferes with your other mapped drives. So far I have not seen this documented anywhere, but the fix is actually pretty simple. The problem appears to be caused by a conflict between the last mapped drive in Windows, this is sometimes a CDROM drive, or a substituted drive mapping.

Under the Storage section you will find Disk Management. Right-click the removable disk partition for the flash drive and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths… , and then click on the Change button. Change the drive letter to a higher letter. Once you make this change, just restart Windows and the Launchpad should install correctly and no longer mess up your CDROM drive mappings. I experienced some problems on Windows Server as well.

Use Cruzer on Mac OS X and Keep U3 -- Easily

My personal favorite is PortableApps Firefox. The only thing I wish SanDisk would do to improve on it would be to include more applications with it. U3 does offer a utility program that removes the U3 software permanently. How i make my USB flash drive start working, because it worked the first time the it kept saying that it was not reconized by the computer help please!!!!

Your problem is most likely caused by an underpowered USB port. Lots of older Wintel machines have underpowered USB 1. I bought it when I had XP and my new computer has Vista and it is not compatible. Is there a place to get this update.

Bugs & Fixes: The trouble with USB ‘smart’ flash drives

Any help you can give would be appreciated. Sincerely, Douglas Steele. This should work if there is a compatible update for Vista. I deleted the U3 Launchpad Software. Now I want to install it into my pendrive. Where can I download it? Removal is permanent! You can always use PortableApps instead which is almost as nice as U3 and is free. Hi, I am trying to open my U3 system launch pad with using windows, Can I kill my cruzer by doing this?

User Experience Engineering: Use Cruzer on Mac OS X and Keep U3 -- Easily

Pls help. For the U3 Drive, it actually shows up as two disks. One is the U3 Launcher partition which I believe you cannot change the name at all. The other partition or disk is the one you actually can change the name of it. You can right click on that one and choose properties and then in the General tab, there is a field where you can change the name of that partition.

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If the U3 drive icons do not show up, right click on My Computer and choose Manage. Then go to Disk Management under Storage and see if it shows up there. You can then right click on it and change drive letters for it and now it will show up under My Computer. U3 is compatible with Vista. If you launch U3 and have it check for updates, if there are any you can apply the update and that should make it Vista compatible I believe.

Is that possible? There are two problems with Mac OS X. It does not matter what USB Flash drive you use, they all work about the same. I have not tried Windows in a while, but if I remember correctly it did work with my SansDisk Cruzer once I went into Disk Management under Computer Management and assigned the device a drive letter.

OS X Lion: LaunchPad

Any words of advice? I just bought 2 of these 2 GB for the wife; 4 gig for me — you know how it is. The PC site gives you three options — one for initial use of the drive. On the 2 GB, the U3 pre-loaded without giving me the option to opt out at set-up. So I went to the option where you choose Settings, Uninstall, Reformat — worked like a champ.

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The 4 GB did give me the option to not install the U3 but it left the junk on the drive. Thanks for having the info available. Your call, but it did work on my computer. My iMac has OS What do I do now? I have only this one computer.

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I removed the U3 Launchpad, using the removal tool, and even selected the top option of Yes, to restore my data. Guess what? It didnt work. I lost all my data. Thanks San Disk…last time I purchase your crap. Note, however, that on the Sandisk site says:. I managed to get rid of it by running the avove software as administrator with windows xp sp2 compatability setting. Thanks for the info! Be sure to re-attach the drive after it has formatted.

Running the U3 Removal Tool did in fact delete the extra U3 partition automatically when I ran the Mac version of the utility. It should do the same on Windows. Can you confirm or deny that if you remove the U3 software if it reduces the write speed of the drive also when you uninstall the U3 software how do you recover the space that the U3 partition used.

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